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Bikes Hip Pain | Tom Swales


Let’s Keep Those Hips Pain Free When Riding.

Cycling pumps up the heart rate and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. Another reason many people turn to cycling is that it is generally easy on joints compared to more high impact sports. However, just like any endurance sport, cycling can still produce nagging aches and pains.

Whether you’re a road biker or mountain biker, I tend to see a steady stream of riders with a lot of impingement or pinchy hips when doing long rides. So today I’m here to show you how to combat that hip pain in a few easy steps.

Since the hips require a mixture of strengthening and stretching to withstand the rigors of cycling and to allow the rider to produce maximum power output, we want to ensure we work on improving mobility and strength. Follow along as we do just that so we can get back to riding pain-free!