Movement Foundations & Corrective Exercises

  • 8:00 am

Swales Performance System

1: Movement Foundations & Corrective Exercises

May 26th - 27th 2018

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Evidence continues to support the important value of sound exercise prescription for optimal physical and mental health and wellness. Exercise has been a cornerstone of physical rehabilitation for over 100 years, but current trends in education and training have forced a move away from the foundations of therapeutic exercise for many health care providers.

This workshop is aimed squarely at this knowledge gap with a blend of theory and hands-on experiential learning for professionals and coaches at an intermediate level. Participants will learn from a respected physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach who practices what he preaches. Tom Swales has integrated knowledge across fields of human movement, strength and performance to create a user-friendly framework for assessment and prescription of exercise for all types of physical mobility impairment.

Small group work supported by cases ensure practical application of new knowledge. Participants are encouraged to wear active clothing for full immersion in the learning experience.

Facilitator: Tom Swales MPT, ATC, FCAMPT, CSCS, CAFCI, RKC, MCT