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How to Sit with Lower Back Pain

How to Sit with Lower Back Pain. Lower back pain makes concentrating, working, sleeping, and enjoying life harder. It can make sitting on the couch uncomfortable, too. While sitting the right way won’t cure back pain, it can help reduce inflammation and support healing. First, talk to your physiotherapist at Concept of Movement in Barrie, ON, for a comprehensive assessment. Then, embark on a treatment plan to recover from your lower back pain. ...
Posted on 2022-10-18

How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain

How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain. Your lower back is a complex combination of interwoven structures. You’ve got five vertebrae made of bone in your lumbar spine. In between are shock-absorbing discs, which are all then held in place by several ligaments. The muscles surrounding your lower back provide support, and tendons connect your muscles to your spine. Also, nerves run through your spine to deliver signals to and from your brain and throughout your body. Whether you stand, sit, ...
Posted on 2022-10-06

Lower Back Pain Stretches

Lower Back Pain Stretches
Lower Back Pain Stretches. You spend more time than you would like in front of a computer screen or behind the steering wheel. Or you spend too much time on your feet at work or chasing after the kids. No matter what life throws at you, lower back pain can throw a wrench into everything. While lower back pain stretches aren’t likely to cure the underlying cause, stretching can give you some relief. Do whichever exercises give you the most relief once or twice a day. If the pain gets wor...
Posted on 2022-06-13

Connecting With Your Core to Reduce Back Pain!

CONNECTING WITH YOUR CORE. Let Me Show You How to Better Connect Your Core to Eliminate Back Pain.. Myth: All core exercises are created equal and work the same. Knowing how to connect with your inner core muscles can help with that. To really strengthen your core properly, it is incredibly helpful to understand what muscles make up the core. Your inner core is composed of 4 major muscle groups: The transverse abdominis, multifidus, the diaphragm and the pelvis floor; and all of these mus...
Posted on 2022-03-29


Have you ever gotten up in the morning and experienced some unusual back pain?. After a long night’s sleep, you should wake up feeling well rested and energized. But sometimes that's just not the case; and you're not alone as morning back pain can be common. This pain is usually the result of stiffness from long periods of rest or decreased blood flow from sleeping. After moving around, symptoms usually subside. While morning back pain can be periodic, some people experience it more ofte...
Posted on 2021-12-30
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