1-Day MovNat Fundamental Workshop

  • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fitness through Natural Movement

We are hosting another awesome MovNat workshop on Saturday May 30th

"Walking, running, crawling, balancing, jumping, climbing, carrying, lifting, throwing, catching. You were born to move naturally but do you? And how well? Learn the MovNat natural movement system & skills and how to train them for efficiency." -

Saturday May 30th, 2015
$155.00 + HST

In this MovNat 1-Day Fundamentals Workshop (approx 7 hours)
lead by MovNat Certified Trainer (MCT), Tom Swales you will

  • Discover the philosophy of MovNat and experience first-hand why it is quickly becoming a popular and important of training. Whether you are a fitness professional, athlete, health practitioner, emergency service responder, Special Forces member, obstacle course racer, or regular gym goer, you will leave this workshop with an arsenal of useful drills/techniques, and a refreshing, new perspective on "fitness".
  • Learn the Fundamental MovNat Techniques and practice their variations. Develop competency in locomotive skills such as crawling, climbing, running, jumping, and manipulative skills like lifting, carrying, throwing and catching.
  • Refine your movements, become more mindful, and practice moving with efficiency, grace, and skill.
  • Learn how to safely and effectively increase balance, strength, mobility, agility, and power.
  • Discover how the movements transition from one to the other. Learn how to properly progress yourself or your clients, as well as program effective combos and courses.
  • Challenge yourself, reconnect with your true nature, heighten your senses, meet local movement enthusiasts, and most importantly, have FUN!

Participants should bring: Water, lunch, shoes (minimal or regular), weather-appropriate clothing.

Only a limited number of participants welcome to this unique event. You can also contact our office to secure a spot (705) 728-9333, a valid credit card is required to hold on file.

Concept of Movement
110 Bradford St, Unit 1
Barrie, Ontario, L4N 3B1
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