Concept of Movement – For Kids

A Young Person Sports Injury Clinic too!

As every parent will agree, all children are special and unique. As physiotherapists, our musculoskeletal and sports injury team understand how each of these special young people requires sensitivity, patience, understanding and compassion to realize their potential.

We also recognize that children are not just small adults; their bodies develop in their own special way. Children’s bodies continually adapt right through from conception to adulthood. These adaptations occur at every cell level and results in the child and adolescent body responding in their own unique way to injury and rehabilitation. Our Physiotherapists have the specialist knowledge of child development to ensure that physiotherapy suits their own specific needs.

Concept of Movement aims to provide physiotherapy services in a fun and secure setting and collaborates with family members, teachers and coaches to allow children and young people to participate in life to their full potential.

At Concept of Movement we can assist with your baby, child or adolescent’s:

  • General development, movement acquisition and posture
  • Physical skills such as balance or coordination
  • Rehabilitation following surgery or injury
  • Sports preparation and physical fitness

A consultation with one of our physiotherapists consists of:

  • Individually tailored assessment
  • Treatment strategies to address your child’s needs
  • A plan of action