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Concussion Management in Barrie, ON

Concussion therapy is a highly useful tool in supporting recovery from traumatic brain injury. During concussion therapy, you can expect to work with a highly experienced Barrie Physiotherapist's who will evaluate the severity of your trauma and match you with tricks and strategies that can reduce discomfort, alleviate painful symptoms, and improve brain functionality.

How Physiotherapy Can Help Concussion Symptoms

All too often, it is these symptoms of a concussion that lead to the greatest amount of discomfort. Physiotherapy can encourage a return to feeling better by restoring strength to atrophied muscles and improving endurance. This can be achieved through a combination of muscle-training activities and aerobics. However, it is important to work with a physiotherapist to gain guidance regarding the best activities for your body’s needs post-brain injury. Working out alone could lead to further injury. Our physiotherapist will customize a strength-building program for you, as well as guide you through aerobic moves that help you regain that endurance.

Additional Treatment Options for Concussion Patients

In addition to physiotherapy, additional strategies like targeted massage, specific stretches, and even eye motion training can help to reduce headaches and nausea following a concussion. Physiotherapy programs for concussion often build in vestibular therapy, which helps you orient yourself during periods of lightheadedness or loss of balance. To encourage this your physiotherapist will introduce you to specialized activities, including fixing your gaze at a certain point in the distance, or using simple movements to stabilize your core and limbs. With proper guidance these strategies can be incredibly helpful in improving quality of life as you recover from a concussion.

Contact Concept of Movement Physiotherapy for Concussion Management in Barrie

Our clinic offers full-service concussion management program supporting baseline testing, post-injury care, return-to-play preparation, treatment interventions, education, and prevention strategies.

A concussion is not something you can ignore. Regardless of the perceived severity, following a brain injury it is incredibly important that you check in with a physician to ensure that there is no potential for lasting brain damage. If you or a loved one have experienced a concussion, contact Concept of Movement Physiotherapy to learn more about concussion treatment and therapy options.

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