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Connecting With Your Core to Reduce Back Pain!


Let Me Show You How to Better Connect Your Core to Eliminate Back Pain.

Myth: All core exercises are created equal and work the same. Knowing how to connect with your inner core muscles can help with that.

To really strengthen your core properly, it is incredibly helpful to understand what muscles make up the core. Your inner core is composed of 4 major muscle groups: The transverse abdominis, multifidus, the diaphragm and the pelvis floor; and all of these muscles work together to give your trunk stability during movements of the head, arms, and legs.

If your core isn’t trained well, especially your inner core you could go to do some sort of movement (a job normally for your outer core), and your inner core (for stabilizing) may try to get involved in movement instead, leaving no one to stabilize you.

So today I’m going to show you 4 different exercises to help eliminate back pain and set the inner core muscles before doing more complex things like deadlifting and squatting (click on the video below to follow along!)

Let’s get that inner system working and the spine stabilized before adding global compression.

Give it a whirl and share with those who could benefit!

Tom Swales PT