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Does pain or injury keep you from
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Has your pain been keeping you from things you love?

  • Missing out on family activities?
  • Unable to play your favourite sport?
  • Can’t exercise the way you used to?
  • Performing at your best?
  • Waking up energized and excited for life?

At COMphysio + Performance Wellness, we understand everyone’s needs are distinct and each injury is unique. That’s why we use a personalized, movement based approach to examine all factors of your body, not just the problem area of your pain, so we can effectively heal and optimize your entire bodily system.

Eliminate your pain and perform at your BEST with personalized, innovative care, from a team you’re going to love working with.

  • We locate the root cause of Your pain and educate You on why it appeared in the first place.
  • You will be involved in how we are going to fix it together and we’ll empower You to prevent it from happening again.
  • You will leave with the confidence to get You pain free and moving better than before.
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