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Kinesio Taping in Barrie, ON

Kinesio Taping in Barrie, ON

Do you have an injury or underlying condition that’s affecting your daily life? When experiencing constant debilitating pain, completing daily tasks can end up being much more difficult than they should be.

Fortunately, Concept of Movement Physiotherapy can help. Our advanced treatment methods have been proven to relieve pain, increase strength, enhance the healing process, and – most importantly – return you to your normal life.

At our Barrie physiotherapy practice, we implement targeted exercises, stretches, and modalities into our individualized treatment plans, in order to help you with your specific needs. One common modality we use is Kinesio taping. It works by placing a special type of tape on the affected area(s) of the body to improve mobility and provide support to the muscles, tendons, and joints. If your pain has been affecting your daily life and you are looking for relief, contact Concept of Movement Physiotherapy today to schedule a consultation and find out how Kinesio taping can benefit you!

What exactly is Kinesio Taping?

At your initial appointment, you will undergo a comprehensive evaluation that will determine what your treatment plan will look like. If your physiotherapist believes Kinesio taping will be a good fit for you, it will be added to your treatment plan.

Kinesio taping has a few important aspects. Firstly, it helps reset the circuitry in the affected part of your body by correcting any faulty interactions between the skin and the tendons, muscles, and joints underneath. By doing this, you are able to improve your muscle strength and activity.

Secondly, Kinesio taping also blocks the pain receptors that are being sent to your brain. When your brain doesn’t receive those messages telling you that you’re in pain, the muscles in the affected area will loosen up and the risk of muscle spasms will decrease. Pain constricts an affected area, but if the pain is taken away, there suddenly becomes more freedom for blood flow and movement.

How will Kinesio Taping benefit me?

There are many reasons why Kinesio taping in Barrie may be used to help relieve your pain. Some of the greatest benefits of incorporating Kinesio taping into your treatment plan include:

  • Relieving pain. One of the biggest benefits of Kinesio taping is pain relief. By blocking pain receptors, your brain doesn’t receive the painful messages from the affected area any longer, and the muscles relax as a result. This allows for more mobility, quicker healing, and a more comfortable treatment process overall.

  • Decreasing swelling. Injury, surgery, or even simple overuse of a certain part of your body can also result in swelling. Kinesio taping helps to decrease swelling by limiting the pressure between the skin and the tissues underneath. This allows any buildup of fluid to travel freely and promotes easier movement of the affected area.

  • Stabilizing joints. Some conditions may make it difficult for joints to stay in place. Kinesio taping can help stabilize and provide support for these joints, while still allowing them to move around their intended range of motion.

  • Managing scar tissue. This is an especially common treatment after an injury, surgery, or another type of trauma has occurred. Healing from a trauma can cause a thick band of scar tissue to form over the affected area, which can inhibit signals of movement. Kinesio taping can provide a much-needed stretch to the scar tissue, making the signals of movement easier to communicate, and thus increasing your mobility.

Get Kinesio Taping in Barrie at Concept of Movement Physiotherapy

With Kinesio Taping in Barrie, many of our patients have been able to comfortably and successfully return to their daily lives, without worrying about the limitations of pain. Our Barrie physiotherapists want to help you reach that same goal. We want you to reach your optimum level of physical function so you can get back to an active and pain-free life!

Contact Concept of Movement Physiotherapy today to request an appointment and get started on your path toward relief and recovery!

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