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Injury Prevention in Barrie, ON

Injury Prevention Barrie Ontario

Identify Your Risk of Injury with Our Injury Prevention Screenings

Do you want to identify your risk of injury? Are you still recovering from a previous injury you sustained? Do you feel limited in your progression and wish to improve your performance? If you identify with any of those scenarios, you could benefit from injury prevention screenings. Injury prevention screenings are a way to assess different physical functions and discover any hidden risks you may have. They can also help your physiotherapist determine which areas of the body are in need of treatment and/or strength training. If you are interested in decreasing your risk of sustaining an injury in the future, contact us at Concept of Movement Physiotherapy today!

What are injury prevention screenings?

Athletes are the main candidates for these screenings, although they can benefit anyone who is nervous about getting injured, whether it's sport-related, work-related, or due to an underlying condition. If you have a nagging pain you can’t seem to shake, or if you simply want to make sure your risk of injury is at its lowest, injury prevention screenings are for you. These screenings can help with both identifying injuries and determining a person’s risk of becoming injured. With an injury screening, your range of motion, strength, and flexibility will be measured, in order to determine the nature of your injury and/or your risk of becoming injured in the future.

Common types of injury prevention screenings:

Screenings consist of analyzing a patient’s movement and may also include gathering vitals, in order to make sure everything looks okay and to determine areas that might need a little more focus. Screenings are essential to preventing pain, injury, and ailment, in addition to providing helpful information for treatment plans. They can uncover undiagnosed programs and identify risks that a patient may be facing. Some common examples of injury prevention screenings include the following.

  1. Concussion Screenings: Concussion screenings are especially important for athletes competing in high-impact sports or patients who have been involved in a recent collision (such as a car accident or unexpected fall). Concussion screenings assess the cervical spine, vestibular system, and oculomotor functions, in order to make sure that everything is functioning as intended and to treat if necessary.
  2. ACL Injury Prevention: Various programs have been created as a way to encourage and promote proper techniques for athletes who may be at high risk of sustaining an ACL injury. ACL prevention programs include targeted exercises that address muscle strengthening, muscle recruitment patterns, landing and deceleration patterns, proprioception, and plyometrics.
  3. Movement Assessments:Movement assessments are used to evaluate your balance, stabilization, strength, and movement, pinpointing any areas of dysfunction. There are several different types of movement that this type of assessment may examine, such as squats, squat jumps, single leg squats, or single leg squat jumps. During a movement assessment, the physical activity itself is not the only thing being evaluated; rather, each part of your body is being looked at individually. This will help in determining any problem areas that exist while you are performing the exercises that you are asked to do.
  4. Functional Capacity Evaluations: Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) are highly specialized services that implement extensive physical and evaluative testing to determine the physical capabilities and limits of a patient. These evaluations are used to measure strength, endurance, positional tolerance, and daily physical demands. This form of testing is typically done for injured employees, to determine the root of the injury and how additional damage can be prevented in the future. The data gathered is an objective way to define what the injured employee’s limits currently are, and how they can be improved upon.

Schedule an Injury Prevention Screening in Barrie at Concept of Movement Physiotherapy!

Injury prevention screenings are essential in making sure that your body is performing in the optimum ways that it is supposed to. If any risks are detected during a screening, one of our highly-trained and dedicated physical therapists will perform further evaluations to determine what the best course of treatment will be for you. From there, an individualized treatment plan will be designed based on the risk that was detected, as well as your personal needs, as determined by your evaluation. These screenings can help bring awareness to any risks you may have, or bring peace of mind that your body is functioning how it should. Either way, it is a win/win situation.

Contact us today to learn more about how our injury prevention screenings can benefit you and help you stay on top of your health!

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