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Fight Back Pain in 90 Seconds!

Let’s Be Honest, Back Pain Makes Life Miserable. Here is a 90 Second Routine to Mix in Throughout Your Day to Help Alleviate Some of Your Back Distress!

Many of our clients think their back pain stems directly from the back. Although the pain may be residing there, in many cases it’s the result of surrounding muscles ceasing to execute their job.

If you work at a desk all day, then you may be the culprit of body aches and pains. This is commonly due to extended periods of sitting, which leads to our muscles getting lazy on us.

Throw this 90 second routine in the mix throughout your day, keep those muscles activated, and see if your back pain still persists! You may be surprised to see that once you awaken those muscles, you’ll also alleviate some of that distress in the process.

This quick and effective routine does work, but it is not a one size fits all solution. If your pain is still present after this routine, then book an appointment now, and let’s get you back to optimal health! Don’t let pain intrude on your life anymore!

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